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2016 Federal Report Card

The 2016 Federal Report Cards are now available on TEA’s website.

Please note that this is different from the School Report Card that is published in December.

At a minimum, the LEA must— 

  • post direct links to the State, LEA, and campus report cards on its web site,
  • make hard copies available to parents on request,
  • make hard copies available for viewing in public locations, and
  • notify parents of all students about the availability of the report cards and the options for obtaining them.

The Federal Report Card information must be readily accessible to the public, and parents must be notified of the availability of the federal report card.

Here are the links to the Federal Report Card:

TEA stipulates that hard copies of the report will be made available on an individual basis to parents. When a parent requests a hard copy of the Federal Report Card, we are to ask them what sections are of interest to them.