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Landrum Elementary 1st Annual Dance & Cheer Competition, April 29, 2017

The 1st Annual Landrum Dance & Cheer Competition was a great success! Teams who competed were:  Rangerville Rattlerettes, Frank Roberts Silver Stars, A. G. Leal Longhorns, CWA Dance Warriors, La Encantada Lionettes, La Encantada K-1 Ballet, Judge O. DeLaFuente Jaguars,  Sullivan Jaguars, and the Landrum Mustangs.

The event was coordinated and conducted by Kathryn Contreras, Landrum ASP coordinator, Alyssa Hernandez, Landrum ASP Cheer Coach, and Allison Garcia, Landrum ASP employee. Further, the event was supported by the SBCISD ASP Director, Jack Garcia. The event was held at the SBHS Lady Hounds gymnasium. Sincere appreciation goes to Mr. Henry Sanchez, Principal of SBHS, for allowing Landrum to host in this facility. Further, numerous individuals prepared their teams to participate, as well as, others assisted throughout the event. A huge THANK YOU to all!

The competition results were the following:

First place – Rangerville Rattlerettes

Second place – Frank Roberts Silver Stars

Third place – A.G. Leal Longhorns

Fourth place – CWA Dance Warriors

Fifth place – La Encantada K-1 Ballet

Sixth place – O. DeLaFuente Jaguars

Seventh place – La Encantada Lionettes


First place – Sullivan Jaguars.

Second place – Landrum Mustangs

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